FAQ Customized football boots

  • Yes. If your custom football boots do not fit after you have done the Scan with the Verifyt App, we will make you a new boot with a new size in the same design.

    In 99% of cases, however, the football boot fits perfectly based on the data of the 3D scan.
  • Through the 3D scan you create with the Verifyt app and a short feedback about the fit of your current football boots, our algorithm has all the data it needs.

    We have measured over 4,000 feet and our algorithm learns with every scan. So we can determine the right size for your foot with 99% certainty.

    Among other things, we take into account
    - the length of the foot
    - the circumference of the ball of the foot
    - the instep height
    - and a further eight measuring points on your foot.
  • The scan with the smartphone has a tolerance of max. +/- 2mm and is therefore more accurate than measuring by hand by a shoemaker.

    Slightly different scan results from the same foot in the Verifyt app can be caused by changing light conditions or shadows, shifts in the person's weight or if the scan was taken at different times of day.

    However, this is not a big deal because our algorithm also takes this into account in the size calculation and can compensate for it.
  • Our opinion on this is of course somewhat biased 😅.

    That's why we prefer to let customers talk about us. Feel free to read the reviews about us on reviews.io.

  • Yes, we have different widths per size for you.

    And in that case, our algorithm would also select 'wide'.

    Our algorithm recognises this on the basis of your 3D scan.
  • That is not a problem. As each shoe is made individually, we can also make different sizes and widths on the left and right.

    Our algorithm recognises this on the basis of your 3D scan.
  • With 2 x training sessions per week and 1 x match, the football boots will last at least 1 season with normal care.
  • Currently the delivery time is 6 weeks.
  • Your football boots are produced in Indonesia in a modern factory under fair working conditions.