How we find your perfect fit

How we find your perfect fit

We use artificial intelligence (AI) to find the right size for you. Our algorithm is based on the following information about your feet:

  1. A 3D scan of your feet with the Verifyt smartphone app.
  2. Data about your current boots. This is to verify your sizing.

Please follow these 3 steps to get a size recommendation.

Step 1:
Create a Verifyt Scan

Please download the Verifyt app on your smartphone.

Please click on the relevant button for your smartphone.

ATTENTION: You need to download the app through one of these buttons so we get access to your 3D scan. PLEASE DO NOT go to the app store to search manually for the app. Otherwise we do not get access to your 3D scan.

download apple app download android app

Please make sure to create an account in the Verifyt app with the same email address you used for your account on our website. This will automatically give us access to your 3D data.

Step 2:
Create account & submit data

You can do that here: Create your account

After you have created your account you can provide feedback about your current football boots. Just click on the button "Upload now" in your account.

We will ask the following questions.

  • Which model
  • What size
  • How is the fit at the moment


Please make sure that you have finished the Verifyt scan before you go ahead.

Step 3:
Get your perfect fit

After you have done the 3D scan of your feet with the Verifyt app and submitted all the information about your current football boots our software can calculate the right size for you.

You can have different sizes for your left and right foot. 

Please note:

  1. The recommended size is based on a preliminary calculation.
  2. We use a more complex algorithm to analyze the 3D data in detail after you have placed an order for "Invador - Your design" football boots.

We always show the recommended size in your account. So you can check your account anytime to find our size recommendation for you.