How to redeem your Kickstarter voucher

How to redeem your Kickstarter voucher

➡️ Please read this blog post carefully before you order your boots.

We are ready to start with the production of your tailor-made football boots which you have pre-ordered through Kickstarter in August.

Please be aware that we are still in the beta phase so you need to consider a few things so that you can place the order in the right way.

Scan your feet

Before you design your football boots you need to scan your feet with our Verifyt App.

You can download the app here: Verify App

When you scan your feet you need to make sure:

  • Scan your feet in the evening:
    As they may be a little wider after a long day at work.
  • Scan your feet 4-5 times:
    So you are sure that you are familiar with the scan process and you get the best result.
  • You need a new white sheet of paper:
    No wrinkles or broken edges.
  • There must be a contrast between the paper and the floor:
    Make sure that you do not scan on a white floor. Best is a dark tone (brown, grey, etc.) of the floor.

Order your boots

As we are still in a beta phase I recommend to order with a laptop or a computer as you can face issues when trying to order the football boots on your smartphone.

Please watch this video to see how you design your football boots and connect your 3D scan with your 3D design.

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