it works.

Scan your feet and forget about shoe sizes

Step 1Open the verifyt app

Open the verifyt app and click on the blue button "Start Scan" .

Scan your feet before creating an account in the app.

IMPORTANT: You will need the login credentials of your account when you order the tailor-made football boots.

Step 2Now scan
your feet

Follow the steps in the Verifyt app and scan your feet with your smartphone.

This takes less than 5 minutes.

Step 3Create an account

Ensure to note down your username and password.

You will need them later when you connect the 3D design with the 3D scan.

Step 4Update your 3D scan

Do this at least 4-5 times so you are familiar with the scan process.

This guarantees a precise 3D scan.

Step 5Design your football boots

Open the 3D configurator and create wonderful designs.

Step 6Connect Verifyt

Enter your Verifyt login credentials at point "Get your size".

This connects your 3D scan with the 3D design of your football boots.

Estimated delivery time: December 2021.