We think
outside the box.

Our mission:
Play as you are

Every human has a unique anatomy, so we believe that you can only perform at your best when you wear equipment that is tailor-made to the individual shape of your body.

We love football.
Born on

In 2021 we developed the first IMOTANA football boots through social media together with our fans and supporters.

1,100+ pre-orders on our kickstarter campaign helped us to successfully launch and showed us the power of the football community.

Co-Founder & CEOBenjamin Dorsch

For 7 years I have developed high-end football boots for big football brands. But innovation was missing for me.

So I decided to found IMOTANA and disrupt the way we produce football boots for good.

Co-Founder & CEOMatthias Leibitz

With my five years of experience in running the start-up T1TAN I know how to create excellent products for amateur players.

With IMOTANA I want to provide tailor-made football boots that were only previously made for professional players.

The future of
football boots.

Take your smartphone out of your pocket, scan your feet and design your own football boots.