We need your support on kickstarter 🚀

We need your support on kickstarter 🚀

Together with you, we want to make every soccer player´s dream come true:

Design your own soccer shoe with a 100% perfect fit

To make this dream come true for all soccer players, we are launching a 🚀 Kickstarter campaign in June 2021, where we absolutely need your help!

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is the largest international crowdfunding platform where you can help startups like us to realize creative (and maybe a bit crazy 🤪) projects.

As a small, independent start up, we can produce customized soccer shoes only with your help.

That is why you are so important to us:

Only if enough fans support our project by pre-ordering a soccer shoe, we will have enough financial means to produce the needed injection molds and dies for the production.

Only then can we start mass production of customized soccer shoes for every amateur soccer player.

➡️ Only together with you can this project become a reality!

For tools and molds we need: 54.000€ / $ 65,000

Our Kickstarter campaign will take exactly 4 weeks

The following is very important:

  • You can pre-order one or more soccer shoes
  • This is how you contribute to the success of the project
  • Many small advance orders add up to a large amount
Your money is protected if the project does not reach its funding limit of 54.000€ / $65,000. Your account will not be debited.

    Immediately after the successful end of the campaign, wewill jump into production.

    • While you scan your feet and configure your shoes, we set up the assembly line.
    • Approx. 3 months after the successful end of the campaign you will hold your individual soccer shoe in your hands.

    ⚠️ The sooner you order during the campaign, the sooner you will receive your shoe.

    So sign up for our mailing list here to be among the first supporters to not only get the best price but also get their shoe before anyone else.

    Click here to sign up

    Very important:

    In order for Kickstarter to push our project and for us to be a very successful campaign, our goal is to have collected the full 54,000€ / $65,000 already on day 1.

    🙏 Please help us to do this together!

    Special deals are only available at the start of the campaign and are strictly limited for our 'hardcore' fans.

    These early supporters will also get the best deal.

    If you want to become a part of this community and get access to the exclusive VIP deals, sign up to our mailing list at the following link.

    Click here to sign up

    How can you support us?

    To support us on Kickstarter, you must have a Kickstarter account. 

    You can set that up now, so when we launch officially, you don't have to start and lose valuable time getting your best deal.

    1. Sign up at www.kickstarter.com

     2. Click on "New to Kickstarter? Sign Up Here!"

    3. In the next step you enter your name, email and a password.

    What happens after I signed up?

    Now you are ready to go and as soon as our campaign goes live, you can support us and get the opportunity to pre-order your configurable soccer shoes from us.

    1. Go to our project page and click on the green button "Support this project". We will send you the link if you are subscribed to our newsletter.
      Alternative: You can also choose the reward level directly. If you don't want to receive a specific reward, choose the first option "Support without reward" and enter an amount.
    2. Select the appropriate country from the drop-down menu and click "Next".
    3. On the next page you can confirm the selection of the reward level and, if you wish, add a bonus. After your confirmation click on the green button "Your contribution".
    4. After that click on "Next". You will be redirected to the payment options page.
    5. Here you will be asked to enter your payment details. To complete the funding contribution, click on the green button "Support this project" and that's it.

    What payment methods are available on Kickstarter?

    • Credi Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express)
    • Lastschrift (only in Germany)
    • Apple Pay

    You will then receive an email confirming you as a supporter of the project.

    If the project is successfully funded, your payment method will be charged after the project deadline.

    Please note:

    • During the Kickstarter campaign, you don't have to scan your foot yet.
    • You also don't have to set your design yet.
    • At the end of the campaign you will receive an email from us with step-by-step instructions and a code.
    • You can then use it to design your shoe directly after the campaign is over and order it free of charge at www.imotana.com.

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      Den schritt: Was passiert, nachdem ich mich angemeldet habe?

      Mache ich erst wen das auf kickstarter freigegeben wurde im juni oder?

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