New shoe design for the 3D configurator

New shoe design for the 3D configurator

Today we have a great update at IMOTANA and our custom soccer shoe project!

➡️  The new Prototype 2.0 design is available in the 3D configurator.

Create your own design now!

Besides the new design and many cool color ways, we have added two new technical updates in the 3D configurator:

  • Sock Type:
    choose between Classic Style and High Sock.
  • Surface:
    choose the studs for firm ground (FG) or soft ground (SG)

These are the next steps

  1. We expect the first "real" prototype of the new design in a few days and can then put it through its paces on the pitch.
  2. Once we have images we will post them here in this blog.
  3. If the shoe meets our expectations, we can start our project on in summer 2021.

IMOTANA on Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a platform that helps startups turn their ideas into reality and you can help us by supporting our project and pre-ordering your own shoe.

We will explain exactly how this works in a separate post.

Now get started and design your soccer shoe!

➡️ start 3D configurator

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