What to do if no foot scan available

In case you see this message on your cart page please read this page carefully.


This message means that you have created successfully an account on imotana.com but at the moment no 3D foot scan can be found in our database.

Our algorithm uses a 3D scan of your feet to find the best fit for your feet.

So if you want to place an order for customized boots you need to provide a 3D scan.

There are two different types of 3D scans

Both can be connected to your account.

  1. 3D scan uploaded by our team during a SCAN & TRY event
  2. 3D scan done with a smartphone and the Verifyt app (note: this type will be available in the near future)

Please make sure that you have done at least one of the scan types mentioned above.

How to connect a 3D scan to your account

There are two steps that need to be done to connect an account with a 3D scan:

  1. Create an account on imotana.com with your email address.
  2. Come to a SCAN & TRY event and give us the same email address of the account that you created on imotana.com.
    We will manually connect the 3D scan with your account.

This process only works when you use the same email address for step one and step two.

The process of how to connect a Verifyt account will be explained once this function is available.

If you still have issues connecting the 3D scan with your account please contact our support team.